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Serge the Bio:

Serge was born in Chicago's Lincoln Park in 1960.
He started as an assistant to the first Mario Triocci salon in Woodfield in 1976, at the age of 16 with a curiosity in the hair and fashion industry.
During the years of training in hair and fashion he realized it was a great craft and art skill to enjoy with a passion. At the age of twenty one, Serge joined the Paul Glick Salon on Chicago's Michigan Ave. as an assistant. At the age of twenty-two, Serge attended Vogue Beauty School, while assisting at the Paul Glick Salon until finishing beauty school in 1984. After finishing beauty school Serge advanced to the Elizabeth Arden Spa at the original Michigan Ave., & Superior street location.

After a short time Serge, excelled to being a hairstylist and colorist working with a sincere dedication to detail, Serge developed his artistic abilities and personal style and quality in hairstyling.
Serge wanted to advance his education and skills. then he was accepted at Harrods Department Store beauty salon in London, England with a one year visa.
Serge worked as a hair stylist and colorist for one year at Harrods. He developed a high-end clientele as usual, catering to such Royals as H.R.H. Princess Michael of Kent, England, and also to many other of the upper class in England and Harrods.

Serge then moved to Amsterdam, Holland. In Holland he married and wanted to grow and learn more in many areas in his life. Serge was even called by the most important people in Amsterdam as well. And he always worked in the best part of Amsterdam on the Beethovenstraat @ Kavier's for many years.

While in Europe, Serge trained and worked in Paris, Milan, Monaco and other well known areas and the hot spots of Europe. Serge worked again on TV, and movie Celebrities. He even worked for and knew Gianni Versace. Serge was also asked to do the hair for Gianni Versace's book, Men Without Ties, and was able to spend a summer in Milan, Italy.

After attending many Hair institutes in Paris, Serge had learned that the French seemed to be the most advanced for hair color, treatments, and hair styling.
Upon his return to Chicago 2002, Serge was offered the job as Artistic Director at Kiva Salon in Water Tower, and he did so to build new clients and help train new hair stylists and bring the new trends to Chicago. Also teaching the new assistants the newest trends.

Kiva was sold to new owners and then Serge has helped his assistants continue to learn his craft to expand hisknowledge to others.
Currently in Portland, Orgeon and parts of California working with private clients and Actors, Models, working on Film, Photo shoots and other Production work and for private clients